Trade against share price movements
without buying or selling the physical shares

Fixed Spreads

Low Margins


pro trading platform


A CFD Trading Account with Spread Co Global Markets allows you to speculate on whether the price of shares, or the value of an index, forex or other commodities will go up or down without having to buy or sell the actual asset.

Forex is all about ‘buying’ and ‘selling’ quantities of different currencies.
For example, if you place a trade by selling EURUSD, then you are selling euros while buying dollars. You would do this if you think the euro is overvalued compared to the dollar and expect the euro to fall or the dollar to rise in value. If either of these things happen; you make a profit.


A theoretical portfolio of securities that might include the shares of companies of a particular size, in the same geographic area, or in the same industry sector.



Speculate on the price of a company’s share moving up or down. If you think a share price is overvalued and likely to fall, you can decide to go short and buy it back at a lower price later, for a profit.


Commodities are simply goods which are bought and sold at a market price on the basis that quality of the goods is the same irrespective of the origin and supplier. 
For example, crude oil from the UK should be the same as crude oil sold in any other location, and the standard unit of measurement is the barrel.

By offering fixed spreads rather than variable,  our clients can take control of their trading – safe in the knowledge that the spread they see is the spread they get. Through low trading charges, our clients’ trading capital can go further.

Every Spread Co Global Market client can also benefit from 0% financing on short index positions. They will also be assigned a dedicated relationship manager, who is on point to help increase their working knowledge of both the trading platform and to provide any relevant market updates.