cfd fees list

Other Information

Unless the context otherwise requires, defined terms used herein shall have the same meaning as set out in Spread Co Global Markets’s Terms of Business for CFDs.

We may remunerate third parties, such as those advertising Spread Co Global Markets’s products, for referring your business to Spread Co Global Markets. As a general rule, such parties will receive a fixed fee.

Where you are referred by someone to Spread Co Global Markets as part of Spread Co Market’s affiliate programme, Spread Co Global Markets may remunerate the person introducing you (“the Introducer”). As a general rule, the Introducer will receive a flat fee for making the introduction. Please contact Spread Co Global Markets’s Client Services Team if you require further details.

Please note that you are required to maintain a minimum margin to cover your positions, failing which your positions may be liquidated. Please contact the dealing desk for further information on +441923832682 or refer to our terms of business, clause 8 on margin requirements.

For all Retail Clients, positions will usually be stopped out automatically where equity drops below 50% of the margin required. However, where market conditions are highly volatile, Spread Co Global Markets may not be able to do this. Where this is the case, Retail Clients will benefit from our Negative Balance Protection, which means your losses will never exceed the cash balance in your account.

The following tables set out the applicable fees and other rates for the purposes of your Agreement with Spread Co Global Markets pursuant to Spread Co Global Market’s Terms of Business, which may be amended from time to time as notified to you in writing (which, for the avoidance of doubt, shall include e-mail or display of notice on the Dealing System).

MarketsSpread SizePorfessional MarginRetail MarginQuoting Hours
UK100 EQUITIES0.05%*5%20%08:01-16:30
UK100 EQUITIES0.05%*5%20%08:01-16:30

Overnight interest – Charged/paid on any FX & bullion position depending on the currency pair and the applicable rate in the interbank markets applicable to the period of the rollover. Other cash markets are Debited / Credited with a financing rate of 2.0 percent +/- overnight currency funding rate. No overnight charges are applicable to future markets.

Interest – Professional clients with excess of US $10,000 as available resourced in their account (calculated inclusive of any profits/losses but excluding any used margin) will receive interest in the applicable currency base rate less 2.0 percent payable based on the amount held on the account at the end of the business day.

Deficit balances will be charged at the currency base rate plus 2.0 percent.

For equity or index positions held through a dividend adjustment, a relevant debit or credit would be transacted depending on the direction of each net open position.