account OPENING

You can apply online. Our online application is easy to complete and should only take you a few minutes. We will need some personal details and information on your trading experience.

We will process your application within 24 hours, often much sooner (Monday - Friday). You will be notified of the status of your application by email. On occasions, you may need to provide us with additional identification documentation to support your application and we will let you know by email if this is the case. 

If you have any questions about opening an account, please call +44 (0) 1923 832659.

Alternatively, you can email us here.

We will need to see further documents if we have not been able to verify your identity and/or address at the time of application.

Yes, Spread Co Global Markets is Authorised and regulated by The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. License No 1522673.

Deposits and withdrawals


USD account

Account name:                  Spread Co Global Markets
Bank Address:                   Barclays Bank PLC, Acorn House, 36-38 Park Royal Road, London, NW10 7WJ, United Kingdom
Sort Code:                          20-93-02
Account no:                        53073477
Swift:                                   BARCGB22
IBAN:                                 GB37BARC20930253073477

You do not need to deposit funds to activate your account. However you will have to deposit funds to begin trading.

Our company policy states that withdrawals must go back to the original source. Therefore, your withdrawals must go back to the bank account that your deposits came from. To request for a withdrawal please log into the platform and select the withdraw option from the payments tab.

Your money will be treated as client money in compliance with the Securities Investment Business Regulations, unless you specifically request to be classified in a different way. This means that your trading funds will be segregated from Spread Co Global Markets money and will not be used by Spread Co Global Markets in the course of business. The funds are held in a segregated client money trust account at an approved bank in the EEA

When you deposit funds to us via bank transfer, you may be liable to local bank charges that have been set out by your bank. This means that we may receive a lesser amount than you actually sent. Please check with your bank if this is the case.

Withdrawals back to bank accounts are GBP15, however your bank may also deduct local bank charges. We advise that you check this with your bank.

You may remit your funds in US Dollars.

The minimum initial deposit is $500 US Dollars.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100 US Dollars

general cfd trading queries

Yes, your open positions are marked-to-market with real time bid/offer prices.

​There are two main ways in which you can profit from trading in CFDs:

  1. Buy at one price then sell at a higher price
  2. Sell at one price then buy at a lower price


The two main ways to lose while trading in CFDs are to:

  1. Buy at one price then sell at a lower price
  2. Sell at one price then buy at a higher price

Matching is only available if you have a single positions account. You can match your positions by clicking on "Detail" and then "Match Positions" in the "Open Positions" panel on our trading platforms.

When you are holding a "long" position on an individual equity, you will receive a credit adjustment in your trading account if a dividend is issued on the physical equity. The adjustment is equivalent to 90% of the dividend payment due on the underlying equities. On the other hand, if you are holding a "short" trade on an individual equity, there will be a debit adjustment which is equivalent to 100% of the dividend. Other corporation actions such as bonuses and stock splits will also be adjusted according to the underlying equities.

Matching is only available if you have a single positions account. When you match your positions, you would have officially ´closed´ a position. After the end of day process, your unmatched profit/loss will be added or deducted from your cash balance.

A Contract for Difference (CFD) is an agreement between two parties to settle, in cash, the difference between the opening and closing prices of a particular instrument. As a result, CFDs simulate the price performance of various financial instruments, without the need for the trader to physically own the assets, and do not involve settlement of the physical financial instrument.

When buying a CFD contract, you do not actually own the underlying asset. However, you are entitled to some of the benefits, such as dividends, rights issues etc, as if you were an owner of the underlying asset. The only difference is that you will not receive any voting rights on equities.

Unfortunately, we do not offer AIM stocks.  Please click here to view the markets we do offer.

liquidation, margin and margin calls

If you are on a margin call, you must top up your account with sufficient funds to keep the position open, or close your open positions to reduce your margin requirement.

The liquidation process will stop only when your account equity is more than the margin requirement on your remaining positions.

The open positions with the largest margin requirement will be liquidated first.

No, there will be no extra charge if you get liquidated.

The margin requirement for a position is calculated by multiplying the relevant CFD position size by the applicable margin rate:

Margin requirement = (position size) x (margin rate)

e.g. If the margin rate for Microsoft (MSFT) is 5% and you buy 1000 MSFT CFDs at $25, then the position size is $25,000 and the margin requirement ($25,000 x 5%) is $1,250.

You will be emailed every four hours to inform you that you are on margin call. However please note, margin call emails are not sent out of market hours.

A margin call occurs when there is insufficient funding in your account to cover your open trades with the necessary margin. This happens if your account valuation falls below the margin requirement.

For each of your open CFD positions (trades), Spread Co Global Markets will require you to dedicate trading resources equal to a percentage of the position size. This funding is called a margin requirement.

Because you do not have to pay the full amount of your position size, CFDs enable you to increase the amount of exposure to an instrument through leverage. This means you can trade a larger position than if you traded using simply the funds you placed in your account. Leverage has the effect of magnifying the profits or losses on your trading capital. The maximum amount of leverage available to you varies with the instrument you are trading, for example, on equities the margin requirement is typically 20%, so you can trade £20,000 worth of shares with just £4000 in margin.

Please refer to our market information sheet for details.


You can trade at any time (24 hours) between 10PM on Sunday evening (London Time) to 10PM on Friday evening (London Time). You will not be able to trade outside of these hours.

You can retrieve your trade, match and order history by logging into the trading platform. Match history is only applicable for clients who hold single positions accounts.

The purpose of an order placing distance is to prevent your orders being triggered while you are in the midst of placing them. This can happen especially when markets move quickly. In order to prevent this from happening, we input order placing distance so as to allow you to safely place your orders at least a few pips away from the market.

Pop ups and security

The trading platform operates in a secure environment. Connections to our platform are over industry standard encryption TLS 1.2+.

No, it is not necessary to disable/allow the pop-up blocker for trading. The software opens in a new browser. However, to access statements or reports on your account through the web based version of the trading platform, you will need to allow pop-ups from our trading websites.

Connection to our platform is through the same communication method that secure websites use. As most organisations have these firewall ports allowed by default, there should be no need to disable any security.

If you notice anything suspicious or are asked to disable security, please do NOT and contact our Client Services team immediately +44 (0)1923 832 682