Equities  Trading

Trade with Tight, Fixed Spreads

How it works?

Forex is all about ‘buying’ and ‘selling’ quantities of different currencies. For example, if you place a trade by selling EURUSD, then you are selling euros while buying dollars. You would do this if you think the euro is overvalued compared to the dollar and expect the euro to fall or the dollar to rise in value. If either of these things happen; you make a profit.


Easy access to global equity markets with contracts for difference.

Contracts for difference (CFD) are tax efficient, flexible ways to trade thousands of global equities.

At Spread Co Global Markets you can trade around one thousand global equities with very tight spreads and low margins. Spreads are typically the market spread plus 0.075% per side, one of the lowest you’ll find. Many of our competitors will charge you 0.1%.


Trading this way has two key advantages over traditional share dealing:

  • Profit when prices rise or fall – when you buy shares in a company, you’ll only profit when the share price rises. With CFDs you can speculate that a company’s share price may fall as well as rise.
  • Lower capital investment – CFD margins are typically 5%, so you can leverage your capital up to 20 times. This means you only have to tie up a fraction of what you normally have to when you buy shares. View our market information for further details on our spreads and margin requirements. Take a look at a CFD example.